About our Chorus

Some choruses are dedicated to devoting much of their time toward competition within the society. If you have seen any of the TV programs (especially on PBS) featuring barbershop choruses/quartets, you know that there are some outstanding singing groups within our society.  Remember, these are men who do this as a hobby not as a group of  professionals.

Our chorus is dedicated to getting together as a group of men who enjoy singing four-party barbershop harmony. We furthermore are dedicated to keeping the Barbershop Harmony craft alive!

We invite you to visit any Monday night at 7:00pm at Hanover Church of the Brethren. Enter through the rear door.


#Hanover Barbershop Chorus Rehearsal
By: Clare Becker
Published on: August 5, 2014

We do not have auditions for men who want to join our chorus. If you like to sing, we will put you in a chorus and help you learn how to fit your voice in tone of the four parts.

We are lucky to have a competent new director who is dedicated to helping each member be the best they can be.